Bluewater International Growth Accelerator


  • Access to an unparalleled mentor network that meets the needs of all levels of a growth company.
  • Deep expertise in cyber, information, and critical infrastructure risk.
  • Executive and Board mentoring -strategy, development, and governance.
  • Technical and market mentoring – product/services, product roadmap strategy and planning, go-to-market analysis and strategic planning.

Relationships and Opportunities

  • Access to government customers through knowledge of various federal government programs and SBIR contracting.
  • Access to corporate partnerships.
  • Access to managing partners, CEOs and corporate/government leadership networks.
  • Knowledge of Congressional and Executive Agency initiatives for timely market, regulatory/compliance, risk management and programs providing funding.
  • Access to corporate partnership, resellers and distributors.
  • Access to proven public relations specialists- strategy, thought leadership and placement.

Investment Considerations

  • Non Dillutive funding strategies utilizing government rapid innovation programs
  • Investment program analysis for multiple stages of growth.
  • Facilitate presentations to seed investors, A, B, C round investors and investment banking specialists (Note: Bluewater does not provide investment banking services).
  • Guidance to maximize business value.


  • A collaboration platform that facilitates access to all aspects of the ecosystem.
  • Educational content, strategy sessions, workshop and accelerator programing.


  • Access to facilities in Texas and DC for meetings, office space, collaboration and mentorship