Our portfolio companies provide solutions to some of the greatest challenges in our society. By partnering with Bluewater, companies achieve strategic, sustainable growth, increase market sector performance, and gain access to a large network of leading technology, defense and cybersecurity experts.

Bluewater has partnered with some of the leading security and technology companies in the United States, including:


Our executive team actively maintains board positions, advisory roles, and trusted leadership relationships in key organizations, which continue to generate growth for our trusted partners. In partnering with us, our portfolio companies benefit from the depth and experience of our leadership team in core markets, gain unparalleled access to key decision makers and business leaders. Our ever-expanding network of strategic partnerships opens doors for value creation opportunities across our portfolio.

As leaders in technology, cybersecurity, law enforcement and finance, our executive team frequently engages with well-positioned organizations and trade associations, often serving in key leadership roles. These relationships provide opportunities to collaborate with the leading minds in multiple industries, providing us with a unique and valuable cross-industry perspective.