Thomas J. Miller


Tom has 25+ years of analytic and risk management experience as the CEO and co-founder of ClearForce, a data analytics business focused on cyber and employee risk management.   Tom is the former CEO of ALI Solutions (aka, Austin Logistics).  During his tenure at ALI, Tom also served as the CFO where he raised $20M of Series A and B venture capital, and SVP of Marketing and Business Development functions where he established a global distribution channel with Cisco and a representative office in China. Tom served as the Vice President of Analytics at Noble Systems (acquirer of ALI Solutions), and as a Vice President at JP Morgan Chase’s credit card risk management division where he developed and managed credit policy for the credit card and unsecured credit portfolios, including line management, collections, fraud, authorization and marketing strategies.

Tom was a founding partner and board member of Advanced Call Center Technologies, and senior advisor to Bluewater International and CreditShop. He has consulted for many of the top US banks, published numerous articles and presented topics related to risk management and analytic technology and policy. Tom has an MBA in Finance from New York University and a BS in Commerce from the University of Virginia.
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