Project Description

Bluewater’s client selection process is driven by multiple factors; scalability, talent, personality and informed by analysis of market need and value potential. Our mission has led us to cybersecurity, financial security and technological information risks through building strong companies capable of delivering innovative, high quality technological solutions to corporate, government organizations.

Cybersecurity — Bluewater’s partner companies have been on the cusp of cybersecurity solutions, providing innovative technological solutions, regulation compliance services, and process security to corporations, government organizations and public groups.

Healthcare Information Security — The advent and mandated use of digital health records has improved efficiency of care, but opened extremely sensitive personal information to hackers and identity thieves. Unlike with stolen credit cards, stolen medical identities cannot be canceled or replaced. Bluewater has aided some of the first companies to provide medical identity monitoring and tracking services.

Insider Risk — Security of information is requires more than technological solutions. Some of the most damaging data leaks of the past decade have come from privileged users. Operational and access processes are necessary to protect against malicious acts of personnel, and Bluewater continues to work with companies providing improved solutions to monitor and defend proprietary information.