Project Description

Bluewater International works with companies that are motivated to solve society’s greatest technological and security challenges with innovative solutions. Companies that succeed in providing solutions to these issues provide a win-win-win for investors, the company and society as a whole. Our partner companies lead their industry in combating societal threats to cybersecurity, financial security, technological systems and electronic health records (EHRs).

Businesses that aspire to combat the threats society faces, in addition to making profit are able to self-generate the resources to bring meaningful solutions to large-scale public challenges. Analyzing security risks and market needs, Bluewater works with companies who have the most practical solutions for safeguarding the future in an age when technological threats abound.

Mission-driven businesses are steadily gaining popularity as venture capital and commercial investors around the globe see the value of focusing attention on the positive societal impact as well as the financial success of their companies and portfolios. Done with care, building companies for the good of society has the potential to resolve some of our greatest challenges.