CASE STUDY: Bluewater and ClearForce

Bluewater International Case Study

A Case Study in Mitigating Insider Risk

Measuring insider threats to data security has been a challenge for businesses and government agencies alike over the past decade, but not all data breaches are the work of hackers. Often, the most damaging forms of data fraud results from the theft of information by privileged users within the organization. In fact, Carnegie Mellon University’s CERT Insider Threat Center estimates that 30 percent of all cybercrimes are the result of insider threats. Technological and procedural measures simply do not adequately address the human element to insider threats.

One of Bluewater International’s partner companies engaged the executive leadership to look for how they could reach the next level of growth. As Bluewater analyzed the company’s services and technology for new market opportunities, they discovered an underutilized proprietary platform that had the potential to change how corporations, government agencies, and other organizations mitigate insider risk by monitoring the potentially risky human behavior.

Bluewater supplied the vision and engaged in every step of the development process for the product that became ClearForce, a software that assembles publicly available data in real time, identifying risky behavior and potentially dangerous situations within privacy and compliance boundaries.

Bluewater provided the roadmap, the initial concept, strategizing the product evolution and market strategy implementation.

With Bluewater’s assistance, ClearForce has been spun into it’s own venture, creating an independent company owned jointly by parent companies Dynology and Jones Group International ClearForce launched October 6th at the Chamber of Commerce Fourth Annual Cybersecurity Summit in Washington, DC.